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10 PCS Carro da forma de Chaveiro Bijoux 6 5 4 3 2 N 1 Lançamento Chave para Arrefecer o Chaveiro do Carro da Motocicleta Marca OEM Bordados Chaveiro pingentes


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Brand Name REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT Material liga de Zinco Alloy + Polyester Size About 13cmX2.8cm(5.12" *1.10") Weight About 30g/package Packing PP bag Application Aviation Gifts/Stuff Gifts/Christmas/Friendship Keyring Size: 25mm, Total Keychain Comprimento: 15cm Pckage list: 10 PCS Key Ring


1. IMPRESSIONANTE DESIGN: your friends will be jealous of this incrível Lançamento Key key chain.




5. If you need to place an bulk order, please contact us for discount.O OEM está disponível if your need your own logo on the back. (MOQ: 100 Pces)

6. DOUBLE SIDED: The Launch Key design is embroidered on both sides of the key chain

Fashion Tags: chaveiro, llaveros, llavero de coche, DIY chaveiro, chaves, chaveiro, chaveiro, key fobs, REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT ,one piece keychain REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT "pre-flight remoção de vírus" label has been used in the aviation industry for many years, and their logo allows flight crews and ground crews to determine the aircraft before taking off cables, pins, covers, wires, and wires connected to the aircraft.You can see the airplane connected to the airplane, wheel gear, ejection seat, and even missiles are marked with these labels, they use bright red to enhance the degree of warning to ensure its role!REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT of the label card can be used to remind yourself of some very important things to do, can also be used when the personality of the key ring, is a fantastic and economical way.

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Feature3 Barracas de Chaveiro para Motocicletas
O Tipo De Material LIGA
Peso Do Item 10g
Feature6 Barracas De Lançamento Chaveiro
Item De Comprimento 13cm
Item De Largura 2.8cm
Importante Imento TAG Barracas de lançamento Chave de Cadeia
Feature7 Chaveiro Moto / Moda Chaveiro
Feature4 Bordados Chaveiros
Número Do Modelo SM001-0091-10
Feature5 Lançamento chave berloques
Feature2 Barracas de chaveiros
Características Especiais Tag de segurança
Tipo De Item Anéis De Chave
Item De Diâmetro 2.8cm